Updating madden 09 ps3

Think of it a do over or, like the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games, a mulligan that allows you to rewind and fix your mistakes.Aside from the tests and mini-games mode that helps strengthen your Quarterback’s skills, Franchise mode is back and keeps things relatively the same while adding new touches that add to the realism.A drop in your Madden IQ is not punishment but rather it sends a message to the game that some work is needed in your defensive or offensive weak points.

One of the most interesting features this year is EA Rewind that allows you not only to rewind a boneheaded play you just made but also retry a different play in the process.Madden Moments allows you recreate as well as change the outcome of a 2007-2008 NFL season game.Online, the game allows you to play against players at your same skill level and there’s EA Sports Fantasy Football feature that offers you the chance to import your fantasy team based on real-time drafts.You’ll go through trails similar to NCAA Football such as taking college exams, select an agent to represent you and be a part of an official NFL draft.

There are even training mini-games that might not be good but at least they raise your player’s skills.

This adds more realism to what would have – in the past – simply left it to a tackle animation.

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