What is devising validating and testing of algorithms

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De i ii Francesc aprendı́ el amor por el conocimiento a través de la curiosidad; a pesar de la distancia, siempre ha seguido brindándome su ayuda. 127 Figure B.2: First (left) and second (right) derivatives of Wn H (v, h) for n = 3; 5; 6 and splines M 4 ; M 6. An interesting feature is that contrary on the cubic spline, whose second derivative is not smooth in several points, the set of functions Wn H (v, h) is infinitely derivable, with continuous an well-behaved derivatives (see Fig B.2).Our consultants work directly onsite and off-site with different business groups responsible for market data, business data, business decisions and model owners.

In the process we develop templates for automating various stages of model validation procedure from market data processing routines to various risk calculations.

Our engagement model with our clients is near-shoring rather than outsourcing: the client owns all the processes involved and directly manages the personnel supplied by our team, who effectively form part of the in-house development team of quants.