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I would have never even thought somebody else would have, because it just didn't make sense to me.Reality TV World: Last night's episode seemed to show Keith and yourself holding hands and celebrating Cochran's vote-off -- so what was going on there?

Reality TV World: That's fine, all I was trying to do is give you a chance to comment, as what's been out [in the press] so far is Donny suggesting otherwise. I mean, you have to take into consideration where information comes from.Had you seen your alliance staying together until the other tribe was entirely wiped out and you were the Final 6, and if so, how had you seen the endgame playing out between Ozzy, Keith, Jim, Dawn, Cochran and yourself? So, I definitely -- and Cochran, funny thing is, everybody's like, "Well, he would have been sixth in your tribe." I never felt like that was true at all. I never told him that, so I guess that's my fault, but I felt like that was a little far ahead to be solidifying your Final 3. He should have done that." But to be out there actually in the game, it's hard. Whitney Duncan: I think we would have stayed strong. Because like they say, everyday in the game changes. Whitney Duncan: Well, I actually applied for Nicaragua and was talking to them about going on that one and it didn't work out at the time because I was with a major label. Looks like Whitney Duncan saved all the drama for when the cameras shut off.

Show Updates People News Spoiler News Entertainment News Reality TVDB POP Hollywood Reality TV News Wire Features & Interviews Sexy Social Pics of the Day Things to Know Profiles Message Boards Shows Listing Whitney Duncan was furious at fellow Survivor: South Pacific castaway and Savaii tribe member, John Cochran, when he decided to flip on his tribe and join with the rival Upolu tribe -- which left the Savaii tribe outnumbered and doomed to fail, as each member would be picked off one by one at subsequent Tribal Council sessions.

Reality TV World: You were one of the people that kind of unloaded on Cochran -- I think you basically said he was dead to you or something like that after that first post-merge Tribal Council where he flipped on your tribe... Whitney Duncan: I mean honestly, I was very obviously -- my emotions were running high at that Tribal and I kind of let him have it, but I let it go after that.