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I would have never even thought somebody else would have, because it just didn't make sense to me.Reality TV World: Last night's episode seemed to show Keith and yourself holding hands and celebrating Cochran's vote-off -- so what was going on there?Reality TV World: Sure, that's why I was just trying to give you an opportunity [to comment directly]...

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Apparently, when Duncan called her husband before returning home, she didn't sound like herself, and he immediately felt something was up.The divorce revelation—much like last week's marriage revelation—comes as something of a surprise, as rumors had been swirling that the Of course, it's not as though she has a history of being honest about her relationship status. 1, 2010 after just two months of dating, the duo kept that fact secret even from family, choosing instead, per , and quickly took up with her fellow castaway, with their relationship aired for all the reality-watching nation to witness.Still, a few mysteries remain in this ever-complicated scandal, and we'll have to wait until the divorce documents are made public to solve it: what, oh what, did she list as her date of separation? In a follow-up call, the singer reportedly confessed that she began seeing her Savaii tribesmate Keith Tollefson during the filming.

Duncan's rep has no comment, but it's worth noting she does refer to a "BF" on Twitter and that she has been spotted with Tollefson in Nashville.

In addition, Whitney's Survivor experience also took an unexpected turn when reports that she was secretly married but began a relationship with Keith while they were competing on the show -- resulting in her husband filing for divorce -- surfaced last month. (Laughs) Whitney Duncan: Being dead is much worse than being disgusting!

Whitney keith survivor dating comments

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    Nov 15, 2011. SURVIVOR SOUTH PACIFIC, Whitney Duncan, Keith Tollefson. MORE Survivor scandal Whitney's still married! E! News. Still, a few mysteries remain in this ever-complicated scandal, and we'll have to wait until the divorce documents are made public to solve it what, oh what, did she list as her date of.…
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    In the fall of 2011, Duncan competed on the 23rd season of Survivor, Survivor South Pacific, where she ultimately finished in 9th place, becoming the fourth member of the jury. In the fall of 2014, Duncan and her then-fiancé, fellow Survivor South Pacific castaway Keith Tollefson, competed together on the 25th season of.…
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    Whitney Renee Duncan is a contestant from Survivor South Pacific. Retrieved from. It's definitely my biggest achievement to date. Inspiration in life Jesus and Elvis. In late spring of 2014, Whitney and Keith competed in the 25th season of The Amazing Race as an engaged couple. They were eliminated in 8th.…
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