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We were lucky enough to truly have the all-stars of the wedding world!photography: ART IS FOR LOVERS // venue name: Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu California (Chateau Le Dome) // bride's shoes: Jimmy Choo // bridesmaid dresses: J.When I met her I wrote this song to try and impress her. I played it for her and we’ve been dating ever since. I was able to build up my confidence to write a song and try to woo her. There are synthesizers and keyboards, marimbas, and strings. We haven’t talked about anything specifically, but if we take a break and meet up later that would be cool. [Ryan and Jon] left and we were like, ‘What do we want to do? I kept thinking, ‘What are people going to think about this song? ’ I didn’t think of myself as a lyricist and I was apprehensive about it.

“Happy birthday to one of the most important people in my life,” wrote Halsey on Twitter, where she’s now active again after a brief hiatus.Again, it felt like we tore a page out of a fairy tale. It totally did, when I saw everything the day of I took a giant sigh of relief and was taken away at how gorgeous it turned out. I would just like to thank every single person/vendor that had a hand in putting together our dream wedding.You can easily get lost in the planning world, try not to think about it so hard. We are so very grateful for each of you and the hard work you put into it.Here, Urie talks about the band’s creative process following the departure of founding members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker (who formed the Young Veins), Panic! Though they’re familiar to our first and second records, these new songs couldn’t fit on those two records. Aristotle has this Biblical list that’s tied in with themes of human behavior that we’ve been noticing in ourselves. It’s about our changes in self-esteem and the changes of growing up.

’s upcoming tour, and the personal meaning of the LP’s title, Vices and Virtues. Probably “Sarah Smiles,” which is about my girlfriend, actually, as sappy as that is. We’ve always wanted to mess around with new ideas, arrangements, and instruments. What was the hardest thing about writing the new album without two of Panic! We had always written with the four of us, so it was a matter of coming out of that comfort zone.

Sarah Brendon Urie’s chic Malibu wedding was filled with tons of gorgeous, classic details and some of the prettiest florals I’ve seen in a while!

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