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We need a freds but it needs to be cleaned out with a complete new manager and employees.They are going to have to start wearing unform dressing, but this doesnt change what goes on in the store.This same manager hired a friends daughter whom i was told by the most recent employee that had sex in the store bathroom with different guys Ive been told that ones they know can use another bar code and ring beer up for beer.

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About half of Fred’s stores have full-service pharmacies.

When I went back to let the manager know he got upset and said what am i suppose to do. yes i did get loud and angry with him and he called the police. the police said if i had any more problems is to call them. Al and went into the freds there and found it to be a very nice store, as well as the employees Seeing the contrast of this nice store to my home store in Ga made me want to leave a commit which i did leave a hearsay commit.