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Or worse: Might Kitty (Becca Tobin) strike back and cost New Directions its comeback on the biggest stage of the new group's young season?

(WARNING: CHARACTER DEATH, SWEARING, SOME VIOLENCE, ECT.) Some RYLEY & BLYDER FRIENDSHIP"There's something you want to tell me. Ryder is now working at a Non-Government Organization in Lima ever since he finished high school. Ryder never intended to fall in love, but when he does, can he change his bullying, womanising ways for her, or will he throw her away?Of course, they start a rivalry...until it turns to love.Special was a word Ryder had always thought of when Marley Rose came to mind. The odd man out is always the one left wishing things were different, always wondering how things would have been if she had picked him.Marley is an outcast for being very poor and having an obese mother who works as the lunch lady.

Marley finds this alienation odd and disgusting and is proud of her mother despite her mother's attempts to distance the two of them while at school.

Ryder la ayuda antes de que cometa alguna estupidez. What will happen when they are brought together by a small theatre production of Grease? Ryder is tired of being hurt and decides it's time for change. Not much can happen in the course of a year but for Marley and Ryder, it seemed to have changed everything. Everyone knows that they are destined to be together but when Marley leaves state for college and she tells him to move on what will happen if Ryder does? What if Marley and Ryder both entered Mc Kinley High as new students on the same day and willingly auditioned to be in the Glee Club?

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