Wordpress not updating cache

Sometimes when using sliders, the images may oddly resize.You can solve this by ensuring that your new theme is using correctly sized thumbnails.Each browser has its own independent cache as well.This helps serving website pages to you in as little time as possible.If you have a lot of images this process may take several minutes, so be patient and wait for the plugin to inform you that your images have been successfully regenerated.

Luckily you can also deactivate all plugins by renaming your plugins folder.Alternatively, you can install a Firefox add-on called Empty Cache Button.This will add a handy button at the top of the browser that allows for Clear Browsing Data menu option.It places a handy button at the top of your browser that allows for on your Word Press website (if the plugin is configured accordingly).

That allows visitors to view the very latest version of your website when there is something new to read.

If the issue persists, the In-Context Comment plugin has access to rewrite posts to add tags for in-line comments which will resolve the issue.